English Sprint Academy is a premium GROUP COACHING PROGRAM designed for learners of English at the intermediate level. We help you build a learning habit and create a step-by-step approach that will help you achieve your English learning goals, and become a confident and natural English user.

Here, you will have a ONE-YEAR ACCESS to video materials, LIVE weekly group call with Naila to answer your specific problems, an exclusive community of English users, and a caring mentor to support you.

“I couldn’t believe it. How is it possible that my English could improve a lot in just two months?”
– Erima

“I would not be as confident and brave as this if I didn’t join the previous ESA program.”
– Aulia

Are you a…

Working Professional

You work at a company and you need to speak English with your managers/partners/foreign colleagues. Or, you just want that pay raise and promotion!

Expat Living Abroad

You live in a foreign country and need to speak English ASAP to integrate with the community, ease communication with coworkers, or to study abroad. Whatever it is, you need to speak English.. URGENTLY!

…facing these challenges?

– Not feeling confident
– Always forgetting words
– Speaking with messy grammar
– Translating from Indonesian to English
– Thinking too long before speaking
Progressing very slowly
– No supportive friends or community
– Can’t understand native speakers
– Can’t stay consistent with your learning
– Feeling stuck


Intermediate plateau is a stage in your language learning journey where you are stuck at the intermediate level with very little or no progress at all. 

but now you are


ready to prioritize your English. ready to do the work. ready to find help. ready to develop yourself. 

Now, if your goal is to:


Keep reading…

See how this program has helped students in the past:

Nailingua's 3M Framework will help you to:

Make progress in your English in a short period of time by focusing on key challenges, so that you don’t waste time learning unnecessary grammar concepts and memorizing unimportant vocabulary! 

Figure out the materials that are relevant to you, so you can actually speak the English that you need!

Unlearn the bad habits that are keeping you stuck in the intermediate plateau, so you can finally make progress in your English once and for all! 

Find a learning style that fits you, so you can have fun in the process and build that English learning habit a lot easier! 

By building good English learning habit and implementing the 3M Framework in your learning routine, you will go from STUCK to SPRINTING your way to the advanced level!

your end results:

Here is the process to get into the program!

We asked 18 past students to fill out an anonymous survey and this is what we got: 

Hear real stories of past students overcome their fears and build confidence to talk to foreigners

“I had the courage to ask questions. I used to ask via chat, and now, I can just unmute myself and SPEAK right away! Just after a month” – Ismi 

“The foreign owner told me: “Wow, you speak more fluently now, you no longer need to think about vocab to speak with me.” – Erima 

“I talked to a foreigner about a server problem, and I just felt more confident when speaking, my listening also improved” – Ramdhani

The 3-Step System to Success

When the program starts, you will come up with an end goal for your English. And throughout the program, you will be following a 3-phase process that will help you reach your goal. Your job is simple: just do the work.

Phase 1 - Set Up

Create a habitual, conducive environment so you can integrate English learning in your daily life

This means setting up your daily life for success: from reprogramming your mindset, overcoming limiting beliefs, setting goals, finding content that suits you, using the right tools, and planning your study routine to follow.

Phase 2 - Input

Yes! You’ve found relevant and interesting materials from Phase 1. Now, how do you use these materials to learn and study? 

Just passively consuming content alone is not enough to see progress. You need to implement targeted exercises to improve your comprehension. In Phase 2, we will discuss a couple of techniques to boost your listening skills and grammar in a way that will click with you!

Phase 3 - Output

There’s not much to say in Phase 3.. because it’s all about DOING!

You’ll be given a couple of fluency exercises to implement. This time you will also be encouraged to go into the real world to put all your skills to practice, so that your English becomes automatic and build up your confidence.

What do you get in the program?

The program has a mix of Live Q&A with Naila, Small Group Discussions, and Self-study


On-Demand Video materials via web to watch at your own time


Group LIVE Coaching Session with Naila via Zoom


Supplemental classes with Coach Assistant via Zoom


Do self-practice at home

In addition to that, you will also get access to our exclusive Discord Lounge for additional support and facilities. Here, you can practice your speaking skills with a mentor and other members, and get customized feedback from Naila.


Practice your English speaking skills with a mentor and other members on Discord Voice Lounge Monday – Friday evenings


ask specific questions to Naila via Discord text


What Did They Say?

In my opinion is This programme could support me like deeply, The mentor always noticed my problem, they realised the key that i couldn't improve my english, and they knew what's happening to me, ,certainly they gave me the way to learn English. I felt excited when i had a session and then satisfied after the session, i didn't feel pressure or nervous cause i knew they're not judge me, not intimidating me, They embrace me as well. This programme Provide a lot of media to practice my English, I could find the best way to learn, cause every people have a different way to learn, and they gave me that way. For me personally this mentorship programme is excellent.
NK Erima
What makes this program different from others is the way it is taught and the material it teaches. The teaching method here does not emphasize one-way learning, but discusses together.
Denny M.
in my opinions, this program is amazing! i never seen this methode before, but naila and team really did it well! and also there is ka jo as a mentor, he is so amazing, the best english teacher i've ever met. and also ka naila, she really cool to made this material got easily to understand. and the point of why this pilot class is different than others is, nailingua is using a mindset methode and using SMART Goals and to reach our each goals during this mentorship, so we can see our progress in the next 2 month.
Brenda F.
cara belajarnya! yang sebelumnya cuma tau kalo belajar bahasa inggris itu pasti dihafal. dan ga tau gimana cara menemukan konten2 bahasa inggris yang tepat. setelah tau program ini belajar bahasa inggris jd lebih santai dan menarik.
Yolanda Y.
This program gave me a lot of new insight, method, apps, etc that really usefull for me who learn a languange by myself. Also in this program we we are required to change our mindset first in learning a language and our attitude toward that and that's really important for me
Lidia S.
I can freely choose to set up and make it based on my need / my interest / my own goal, and I can learn to identify what is my challenge for learning english, how to build attitude and feeling, so I can enjoy the journey and make progress
Anonymous Student
The things that make this program different is the exclusivity that member had gotten during this program, we focused on goals was frequently supervising by Jonathan. Another thing is the lounge on discord provided us to practicing english in daily basis.
Yuli Y.
My favorite thing about this program is: my buddies, and my mentor!, The content & materials, The learning techniques (different from what I've learned in other courses), LIVE session with Naila, The weekly assignments
Anonymous Student
in this program we got a mentor who guided us and we got a buddies, it's so happy to have a friend with the same purpose. i felt like got a pressure to learn english, that what i needed all this time.
Inez D.

Let them speak some more..


one time full payment of
IDR 10.000.000*


IDR 15.000.000

in two payments of 7.500.000 or three payments of 5.000.000

* The reduced price of IDR 10.000.000 is available exclusively to those who take prompt action and make the payment within 24 hours after their first assessment call. 

Have Any Questions?


No, you do not need to be fluent in English to join the program.

However, in order to be eligible for this program, you have to understand at least about 70% of general English. If you watch my YouTube videos in English and understand 80%-90% of what I say with English subtitles, then you are eligible to apply for the program!

If you watch my videos on YouTube in English, can you understand them using English subtitle or Indonesian subtitle? If you always use English subtitles to watch my videos, then you’re at a good level to apply to the program. 

Otherwise, there are a lot of free tests on google to check your current level!

Fluency is never guaranteed in any program. At the end of the day, the results are always dependent on the time and work you put in. 

However, past students who followed and implemented my advice have shown improvement in their speaking and listening skills. So, if you take actions based on the advice I give you, do the recommended practices daily, take advantage of the practicing facilities that we offer and do the work, you can be very satisfied with your end results. 

As much as you want. 

You will get access to our Nailingua Discord Server, where you can practice your speaking skills every Monday to Friday evening with fellow members and mentors. So it is up to you to take advantage of this facility and get the most out of it! 

In addition to that, you will have two LIVE sessions a week: one session with the mentor in a small group setting, and one session with Naila in a bigger group. So at the very least, you will be speaking twice a week. 

This program is mostly tailored for people who need to communicate in English in real life, whether it is for work or general purposes. So we mostly focus on your listening and speaking skills. 

This program is mostly tailored for people who need to communicate in English in real life, whether it is for work or general purposes. So we mostly focus on your listening and speaking skills. 

This program is mostly tailored for people who need to communicate in English in real life, whether it is for work or general purposes. So we mostly focus on your listening and speaking skills. 

This program is mostly tailored for people who need to communicate in English in real life, whether it is for work or general purposes. So we mostly focus on your listening and speaking skills. 

Then this program is not for you. I primarily focus on helping people who urgently need to use English in real life (for work or general purposes). 

Though the skills you learn in this program may indirectly help you to take these exams, I recommend looking for other programs that are designed to help you pass these tests. I personally have never taken these tests before so I cannot give you sound advice in this area.